Buying Versus Leasing

Buying vs. Leasing

Should I Buy or Lease my Next Car?

Here at Byers Mazda, our financing team often fields one all-important question for our customers: is it better to buy or lease? The answer isn't really if one is better in general, but rather which is better for your specific needs. Each method has its pros and cons, and at the end of the day, having a firm understanding of the differences will allow you to make the best decision regarding your next vehicle.

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When you buy a vehicle, you purchase it directly from the dealership and it becomes your property.


When you lease, the vehicle remains the property of the automakers financial institution. At the end of your Lease term, you give it back!



Buying typically involves taking out an auto loan through a financial institution of your choice. You make payments over a specific period of time for an agreed upon financing rate until the loan is paid off.


When you lease, you make payments only on the amount of time that you use the vehicle. This means you won't build equity in the vehicle, but the payments tend to be significantly lower. 



Because you own your vehicle, you can choose where, when and how you maintain it.


Regular maintenance such as oil changes are necessary and required per the terms of your leases agreement, however, costs are minimal.



There are no mileage restrictions


Your monthly lease payment is determined by a mileage limit. There are many different mileage options to suit almost any lifestyle. There is an overage fee for miles driven over the mileage limit.

Wear & Tear


As the owner of the vehicle, you decide when and how you handle any damage that might occur.


Normal wear and tear from driving the vehicle is not only expected, its covered.

If you have any further questions, be sure to contact Byers Mazda today. We will gladly discuss the details of leasing vs. buying with you and help you to choose the financial path that's right for you.

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