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FAQs on Financing: Tips on How to Pay for Your Next Car

The process of finding the right new or pre-owned car can be a challenge, especially in today’s uncertain car-buying environment. At Byers Mazda in Columbus, OH, we want to remove as many challenges as possible from the task of financing that car, whether it’s a new Mazda or a quality pre-owned model. Before you apply for auto financing, here are answers to some of the financing questions we hear most often about financing.

“Should I Get a Loan or A Lease?”

The answer depends on your financial goals. Some benefits of a car loan are that it lets you build actual cash value that you can use toward your next car. A lease is like renting in that you never own the car or create any cash buildup. Another car loan advantage is that, as you make your monthly payments on time, you’re gradually raising your credit score, which makes it worth filling out a finance application.

The biggest advantage of a lease is that your monthly payments are almost always lower than payments on a car loan. Another leasing advantage is that, at the end of your lease period, usually 36 months, you don’t have the hassle of selling that lease vehicle. Just bring your leased Mazda back to us, pay for any excess damage or excess mileage as you drive around Westerville or Hilliard, OH and you can just start a new lease with a new Mazda.

“Is It True I Can Buy a Car from You Online, Including the Financing Step?”

Yes, you can take care of nearly all the steps in car-buying from the comfort of home. You can shop for your new Mazda with the convenience of digital retailing. You can browse all our new cars, our pre-owned cars and our extra-special Certified Pre-Owned cars. You can complete an online credit application and submit it from home. Then you can use our “Calculate Your Payment” tool to see what your monthly loan payment will be.

“Is It Really Safe to Send in My Financial Information Online?”

Yes, you can apply for a car loan quickly and easily using our secure online application form. The steps are simple and this approach allows you to apply for a loan any time you want, with all the privacy and convenience you’re looking for. Once you submit the form, we’ll get back to you to explain how much of a loan you’re qualified for. We’ll also outline your financing options so you can pick the approach you want.

“What if I Have Bad Credit? Can I Still Get a Car Loan at Byers Mazda?”

Yes, at Byers Mazda we’re happy to work with people who have all kinds of credit histories. We actually offer “Guaranteed Financing” for everyone. Buyers from Dublin or Worthington OH can get a loan from us whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. The experts in our Mazda Finance Center can help you get qualified for a loan, and we offer “Flexible Money Down” options so lack of enough cash doesn’t have to be a major barrier.

“Do You Have Any Other Ways to Help Me Afford a New Mazda?”

Check online or ask about our “New Mazda Specials” that can help lower the cost of your car, making it easier to get into an affordable new Mazda. We can help you get the best available loan or lease package, designed around your goals and your budget. Find out how easy it is to apply for and qualify for a Mazda new car loan or lease that won’t break the bank at Byers Mazda in Columbus, OH.