Lease Return Guide

Here's What to Know When Returning Your Leased Vehicle

Is your lease about to come up for your car? You have options. For many, that's why they choose to lease a Mazda, because it gives them flexibility that they can choose the right vehicle for them as their situation changes, and always be sure to have the latest options. When your lease is coming to the end, you'll want to know what to do and here at Byers Mazda we have the answers for you and can help you every step of the way.

What is the lease return process?

If you leased a vehicle with us, and it is ending the terms, you'll get a notice from our Mazda dealership. From there you can choose your options:

  • Bring the vehicle to the dealership and enter a new lease of a new Mazda
  • Purchase your leased vehicle at its remaining costs and finance the balance
  • Return the leased vehicle and decide on a different direction

When returning a lease or looking to enter a new one, we'll evaluate it to make sure it's fulfilled our wear and use guidelines, and that if there's any charges that have incurred, we'll let you know about them. Other than that, the process can be a smooth transition into a brand new vehicle, getting financing for your leased vehicle to purchase, or returning it.

Can I return my lease if I didn't lease through your dealership?

If you've leased a Mazda from somewhere else and done your financing through Mazda Financial Services, you're able to return it to a dealership like ours. Otherwise, we'd need to make sure there was an affiliation (such as other dealerships we are associated with) to make that process work. We can help you determine your options in this regard and will point you in the right direction, which is why we encourage reaching out to us before your leased vehicle is due to get the full details.

Can I return my leased vehicle before my lease is over?

You are able to return your lease before it's maturity date under a set of conditions. If you're returning it 31 days or more prior to the date, Mazda Financial Services can calculate the return balance so you have all the numbers known to you to make that decision. We can help you find a new Mazda lease for a low monthly payment.

Get Started Today on a New Mazda Lease or Returning Your Leased Mazda

Whichever path you choose to take, we are here to guide you through it. We provide all those in the Columbus, OH area, including Westerville, Hillard, Dublin and Worthington with the chance to lease a new Mazda, and for those looking to upgrade their current Mazda lease into a new option. We'll help you determine the choices you have from new leasing to buying your leased vehicle, make sure all lease-end options are squared away so you have a smooth transition.

Your lease end options can be a continuation of your current ride or a new beginning into a new Mazda. That's why leasing is popular and it's why our team is here to help you discover all the lease terms and financing that's available at our dealership. Contact us at Byers Mazda and ask us your leasing questions today and we can get started soon!