Mazda Service Brake Repair

Mazda Brake Service at a Columbus Mazda Service Center

Your brakes are quite possibly the most important safety feature on your Mazda vehicle. Without your brakes, you can't make quick decisions to stop your vehicle and avoid accidents with other drivers on the roads of Dublin. If your brakes aren't working at one hundred percent, then you might want to make the short trek down to our Columbus Mazda service center where our devoted team can help you get it back on the road in no time.

One way to ensure that your Mazda will continue to work down the line is to perform routine maintenance on it. Bringing your Mazda to our Columbus Service Center will not only help keep you safe but also other people driving around Hillard.

When Should I Service My Brakes?

Generally, your brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, however, there might be some other signs that you should replace your rotors, brake pads, or altogether brakes sooner. If you hear a grinding or a high-pitched noise when you brake you might want to bring your vehicle to our service center. This could mean that your brake pads are worn out and in need of a replacement.

Bring Your Mazda to Byers Mazda to Service Your Brakes

There are a handful of different moving parts to your brakes and we pride ourselves in working on all aspects of brake repairs. We offer Mazda brake services like brake fluid flushes, brake pad replacement, brake repair, and brake maintenance.

It doesn't matter how complicated or easy your brake service is because at Byers Mazda we ensure that we can get it running once again. When you're ready, we invite you to make the short drive from Westerville and we can get you in and out of our service center before you know it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Brake Service at Byers Mazda in Columbus, OH

What is the Average Lifespan of Brake Pads? Mile or Time?

Your brake pads will typically reach the end of their lives by 50,000 miles. However, various factors can cause the brake pads to wear down faster or slower, including driving frequency and environment. If your commute typically involves stop-and-start traffic in Dublin or Columbus, OH, your breaks may wear down closer to 25,000 miles.

How Often Should Brake Rotors Be Replaced?

You should replace the rotors of your brakes once every 30,000 to 70,000 miles. The exact mileage depends on how often you drive and your typical commuting conditions. Your Mazda Owner's Manual will offer a more exact timeframe, but if you remain unsure about when the brake rotors should undergo service, contact our service team at Byers Mazda in Columbus.

When Does Brake Fluid Require Replenishing

Brake fluid depletes differently than other fluids, but you should check it when you go to check your oil. Simply pop the hood and locate the location of the fluid reservoir, which your manual will know for sure. Beforehand, make sure your Mazda remains parked on a flat surface for the most accurate reading, just like checking oil.

What Are Signs That My Brakes Need Servicing?

A crucial sign may present itself in the indicator lights, "ABS." Other signs you may notice, when driving to Hilliard, are burning smells coming from the wheels and persistent squealing or screeching sounds not present before. You may feel your brake pad soft or spongy when you push on it. If these symptoms appear, you should schedule an appointment immediately.

Risks of Ignoring Brake Service?

Ignoring brake service could result in brake failure and serious accidents from lack of stopping power on your car or SUV. Brake service is highly crucial and important in preserving the safety of you in your Mazda when you drive to and from Westerville.

If your brakes come due for maintenance, or you notice something amiss when driving, schedule an appointment immediately at Byers Mazda in Columbus, OH!